Chapter Governance

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General Membership

Approximately 1,530 full or part-time members in September of 2016.


Representative Council

Executive Board and Representatives selected by members at the building site or members of a group of teachers not represented at a single school site; each site/group is entitled to one representative for every 20 FTE membership.

Elementary Schools                                                    One representative from each site
Middle Schools                                                            One representative from each site
High Schools                                                                Multiple representatives
Visual & Performing Arts Specialists                      One representative each program
Elementary Science Specialists                                as approved by ITA Executive Board
Health Services

Executive Board

Consists of twelve individuals selected by the general membership, plus the appointed bargaining chair.

President                                                                       State Council Representatives (3)
Vice President                                                              Elementary Representatives at Large (2)
Secretary                                                                       Middle School Representatives at Large
Treasurer                                                                      High School Representatives at Large
Bargaining Chair (Ex-Officio)                                  Representative at Large