Conferences & Workshops

The California Teachers Association hosts a variety of statewide conferences designed to provide knowledge and skills for members. While each conference has its own agenda and its own focus, you’ll find some similarities among the offerings: Keynote Speakers, Educational Workshops, Leadership Training, and Professional Development.

Interested in attending a CTA conference? 

CTA grants are available to new members, ethnic minority members, members from small chapters, and other categories based on the particular conference. Please click HERE to check your eligibility.

ITA also has budgeted funds to sponsor members’ attendance at these conferences. If your ITA application for sponsorship is approved, your costs for transportation, lodging, registration, and/or meals may be covered.

Please submit a request to ITA using the link below:
ITA Grants for CTA Conferences-Request Form

When you attend a CTA conference, you receive vital information and perspective from some of the best content experts and thought leaders in public education that you can immediately apply to your role as an educator and local leader.

Expense report for reimbursement after returning from a conference – Conference Expense Report 2024

Currently, we are accepting applications for the following:

MUST complete the ITA Grant Request Form to get ITA financing approval before attending.


2023-24 CTA Conferences