Frequently Used Documents

When you have an ITA related expense and need to be reimbursed:
ITA Check Request Form

Interested in attending a conference? Want ITA to pay for it? Please submit a request using the link below:
ITA Grant Request Form

Expense report for reimbursement after returning from a conference:

Conference Expense Report    MUST complete the ITA Grant Request Form to get ITA financing approval before attending)

If you wish to contribute to the Catastrophic Sick Leave Bank, use the link below. Not applicable to 1st year teachers. *Deadline is October 31st.
Catastrophic Leave contribution form 2018

Membership enrollment form for the 2019-2020 school year:
ITA/CTA/NEA Membership Enrollment

Other Useful Documents:

Professional Growth Pre-Approval Form

IUSD Predesignation of Personal Physician Form

CTA Disaster Relief Fund Application

ITA Committee Work Reimbursement Form