Scholarship Opportunities

Class of 2023 ITA Scholarships

The Irvine Teachers Association (ITA) is pleased to announce scholarships to be awarded to this year’s high school graduates; funding is earned by Site Reps, who distribute ads paid for by ITA-approved vendors.

2023 ITA Scholarship for Applicants to Community College, Trade, or Technical Schools


  • minimum grade point average of 2.0
  • high school graduate, class of 2023 from IUSD high school or accredited high school, if parent is an ITA member
  • typed formal application

2023 ITA Scholarship for Future Educators and/or Children of ITA Members


Future Educator

  • typed formal application
  • IUSD high school graduate, class of 2023
  • evidence of interest in entering the education profession

Children of ITA Members

  • typed formal application
  • high school graduate, class of 2023
  • child or dependent of a current member of the Irvine Teachers Association

Completed applications must be submitted to the Scholarship Selection Committee of the Irvine Teachers Association, 4940 Irvine Blvd., Suite 205, Irvine, CA 92620 or email to


CTA Scholarships, Grants, and Awards Programs

CTA offers a variety of scholarships to dependent children of CTA members, Members, Student CTA members, and high school students with various qualifications.

CTA Scholarships

  • The CTA Scholarship for Dependent Children
  • The CTA Scholarship in Honor of Del A. Weber
  • The CTA Scholarship for Members
  • The Student CTA (SCTA) Scholarship in Honor of L. Gordon Bittle

IFT Grants for Educators and Chapters

LGBTQ+ Safety in Schools Grant & Scholarship Program in Honor of Guy DeRosa

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Scholarship Program